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Congratulations on your engagement to be married. The Church rejoices with you. Below you will find some notes which will answer some of the questions you may have as you make preparations for your wedding day.


Be sure to contact the current parish priest and arrange an appointment with him. At that meeting he will confirm if he is available and the church is free on the date you want. He will work out with you a Marriage Preparation plan.


You are welcome to use our historic St Patrick’s Akaroa Church. However, you will need to decide what priest will celebrate your wedding with you. Once this is decided dates and time can be finalized.  I am happy to assist if available for the date chosen.


The priest marrying you will assist you in preparing the ceremony. As your wedding is a Catholic and sacred event, it is appropriate to have sacred scripture and hymns at the heart of your ceremony.


It’s important to be aware that nowadays the church is convinced all couples should undertake a marriage preparation course prior to the wedding. Our diocese asks that you advise us six months prior to the wedding so that preparations and a course can be arranged.


This must be obtained before any marriage can take place. This must be applied for, in person, to the local Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages, and then given to the priest celebrant, at least two weeks prior to the wedding.
It is valid for three months. There is a hefty charge for it.


The parish has a fine organ and an organist if required.  Recommended fee $50.00. If you wish to provide your own organist then you need to arrange this with our parish organist who knows all about the workings of the organ.


These are permitted, however, these persons must keep away from the sanctuary. Filming and photographing should not interfere or distract from the ceremony, the church is not a studio, but the house of God. Special lighting is not necessary.
Best to consult with the celebrant before the ceremony.


Please inform your priest celebrant if you intend to have a video of your wedding. This must not interfere or distract from the ceremony. Special lighting is not appropriate.


The parish, under the supervision of Mrs Joan Ritchie phone 03-0304-5781 arranges these for each Sunday. These are arranged in accordance with the church’s liturgical season in readiness for the first Mass of each Sunday. Floral arrangements should remain for our Sunday Masses unless otherwise arranged.

If you want special flowers at your wedding please contact Joan. Where it is appropriate to offer a donation when flowers are arranged for you by the parish. We suggest $30.00 (apart from the actual cost of any flowers purchased).


When these are placed within the church e.g. ribbons, floral sprays, etc. then we ask that you remove them after the wedding service.


Confetti is not welcomed in or around the church grounds.


Those who are not identified with the parish community and are being married at St Patrick’s Akaroa are encouraged to make a contribution to the parish towards the upkeep of the parish church. We suggest a donation of $200.00.


No sacrament of the church has to be ‘paid for’. However, it is appropriate to make a donation for the support of the clergy. To assist you in your planning we suggest a donation of $200.00.


We hope this guide is of assistance to you. If you have any queries, please speak to your celebrant or myself. They will be very happy to help.


Father Paul G Shannahan SM  PP

Phone: 03-304 7083

Email Address:


St Patricks Akaroa



More: Getting Married at St Patrick’s AkaroaGetting Married in the Catholic Church | Wedding FAQ’s