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“O Lord come to my assistance; O Lord make haste to help me.”Ps 71

Our universally admired historic Church is in need of a major restoration. The years, 152 years, are beginning to show. This Category A Historic Places Trust building and parish Church has need of serious repairs to the bell tower, to the foundations and to the well weathered roof and facings. At the same time there is the call to restore much of its original inner linings and flooring.

There is good news. In May 2013 the NZ Lottery Board set aside $27.500-00 to be spent in getting a full and through engineers report and also to work with the parish and heritage people to formulate a long term restoration plan. Only then will it be clear what the full cost of restoration would be. And while the Lottery Board has indicated it will assist with finances it would not fund the whole project.

The parish is small in resident members and so they are looking to past residents, those with weekend homes and those who cherish heritage buildings in this earthquake damaged province of Canterbury where so much of the past has been destroyed.

So we are calling on you and the Lord for financial offerings be it from whole families who might donate a $1000.00 or more down to the equivalent of the widow’s mite.  It will encourage and enable us to succeed in the restoration.

Every gift will be acknowledged and receipted for tax purposes.

Many, many thanks on behalf of our small but committed Parish Council.

Yours sincerely

Father Paul ShannahanPaul G Shannahan sm

Donation Options: | Church Restoration | Mass Stipends | Making a Bequest |