22nd Sunday of the Year – 3rd September 2017

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22nd  SUNDAY.               “Get behind me Satan”.                        3rd September 2017

When Jesus told his disciples that he was going to Jerusalem and would suffer grievously there, and be put to death and then rise again, they must have been confused and distressed. Impetuous as ever, Peter remonstrated with Jesus, saying that this could not be true. Jesus was the Christ, the Son of the living God. In turn Jesus then described the essential condition of being one of his followers, ‘If anyone wants to be a follower of mine, let him renounce himself and take up his cross and follow me’ (Mt 16:24).

For the disciples, this teaching must have seemed incomprehensible. Even today, many people resist the idea of having to embrace suffering in order to live like Christ. Yet dealing with suffering is at the root of the Christian life. Recognising the disciples’ incomprehension, Jesus sought to make them understand. He told them that, in order to gain eternal life, they must lose this life —their attachment to the things of this world. Nothing matters more than pleasing God.

▼ CATHOLIC MASS is celebrated each second Saturday of the month during the year. It will be held at the Little River Service Centre next Saturday at 5 p.m… Visitors are most welcome. Marie Couper will lead a worship time for the children.
▼ FR PETER FARRANT – has finished his ministry in hospital chaplaincy He has served in   this ministry  for over six years at Christchurch Hospital, Princess Margaret Hospital and at Hillmorton Hospital.  Many parishioners who have benefited greatly from Fr Peter’s priestly work in the hospital setting. Ad multos annos. The search is on to find and train replacements.

▼  FR. BARRY MALONE S.M.  of Addington parish created history in the Diocese of Christchurch by offering Mass in Portuguese last Sunday.  Originally it was thought that the Lady Chapel at St Peter’s Beckenham would have enough seating. Increasing expressions of interest indicated that the Church would be required to cater for the numbers and so it was. “Over 60 folk sang, prayed and even wept with joy at being able to honour the Lord in their mother tongue.

▼SUNG RESPONSE:    “My Soul is Thirsting for You O Lord My God”

▼ COLLECTION- L. Sunday’s total was$ 285. Clergy Trust $98. Parish keeps $197.
Maori Pastoral Care gifts $35.Thanks. We have two spare sets of giving envelopes. For You?

▼ MID WEEK MASS – again of Wednesday and Friday at 10 am in side chapel. Join Me.

▼  THE CHCH ANGLICAN DIOCESE  is  meeting in Synod on the 8th and 9th of September .  As you know this is a very important Synod for Bishop Victoria and the Anglican Church as they make decision esp that of their cathedral.   Let’s keep them in our prayers this week.

▼ MASSES FOR OUR DEPARTED – Muriel Sefton, Stella Casey, Isla O’Connor. Graham Williamson.  Margaret Higinbottom, Nancy Meates, Fr Kevin O’Donoghue sm.

▼THREE VOLUNTEERS – needed to take a monthly turn at vacuuming the Church and if possible arranging the flowers in the Sanctuary. Ring Ruth Aitken 304-7183 or Patsy Little.

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