20th Sunday of the Year – 20th August 2017

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20TH SUNDAY.         “FIGHTING FOR HER CHILD”                       20th August  2017 

Gospel Reflections for the Year of Matthew.

She was a woman like many. She would fight for her child, so she took on Jesus, the best known religious figure around. Like someone taking on the minister for health or children over a medical card for a chronically ill child, and not letting them off the hook. Jesus was testing her. He saw faith, but he wanted ev¬eryone else to see it. So he told her she didn’t fit into the local re¬ligious sphere because she was foreigner, like an asylum seeker or a refugee. She knew she fitted into the heart of Jesus simply because she was the mother of a sick child and believed he could help.

Even if he would cure everyone, maybe he would come back to her at the end. Jesus went further – he cured her child and praised her faith. She is another of the unnamed ones of the gospel. Like the woman of Samaria, the rich young man, the thief on Calvary – she is herself, and she is all of us. She is everyone, man and woman, of faith. Faith in a surprising God who, in Jesus, his Son, never says no to goodness. Faith that keeps us energetic and alive, not tired, in soul as well as body

▼ CURRENT OF GRACE CONFERENCE – Celebrating the diverse fruits and family of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in New Zealand.
Friday 22 – Sunday 24 September 2017-06-23; Palmerston North Cathedral
Guest presenters include Bishop Denis Browne, Fr John Rea, and Diana Ingle CCRNZ Chairperson.  Ann Brereton from ICCRS will share on 2017 Vatican report Pope Francis’s exciting new plans for us all! For further information please contact Val Morrison Tel: 07 542 5537

▼SUNG RESPONSE:    “My Soul is Thirsting for You O Lord My God”

▼ COLLECTION- L. Sunday’s total was$ 241. Clergy Trust $80. Parish keeps $160.Thanks.

▼ CONGRATULATIONS – to Marie Haley and the Banks Peninsula Conservation Trust on winning the community award in the NZ Bio security Awards organised by the Ministry of Primary Industries. Marie is a very committed co-ordinator of the local Wildside Trust and like her mother Janis is active in community affairs.  Well done. Ad multos annos.

▼FR JACK O’CONNOR will be moving from Amberley presbytery back into Christchurch.  He found that during the week he had a number of commitments in the city and it seemed to live in Christchurch.  He will reside at Christ the King presbytery in Burnside. He will still be helping Fr John O’Connor in North Canterbury on the weekends. Cheviot, Hawarden etc.

▼ST PATRICK’S AND RESTORATION: For many weeks now your P Council has been negotiating with the Diocesan authorities headed by Tony Sewell on when to get the longed for and necessary restoration under way.  It had been planned for a start in May-June but plans and getting resource consent etc have added delay after delay.  Recently it was suggested it start in September and see the Church closed till Easter 2018.  That was seen as very unacceptable even thought the Anglican and Presbyterian leadership would welcome us praying in their buildings on alternate weekends. We come to the conclusion it best to start the restoration in February 2018 and they have agreed with that.  So we are open here for most of the busy tourist season. Then in February we will have Sunday Mass in the Presbyterian Hall at 9-30 am till midyear.
But watch this space. We wonder – a week in politics is a long. We may have hurdles yet.PGS


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