19th Sunday of the Year – 13th August 2017

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19 TH SUNDAY.       “JESUS WALKS ON THE WATER”.                  13th August  2017

▼ A most strange gospel story – Jesus walks on the water. It’s the type of gospel that suits a decision time, challenging us into deep trust and not to be afraid. It’s about trusting in Jesus, when there is nothing else.
In time of death, the call is to trust in God’s promise, because he is the way and the truth. Old age can be the same, or times in life when we just don’t know what the future will hold. It sounds unusual, but what Jesus does in this situation is very human. He doesn’t lecture or say a prayer, he just holds hands. There are times when we just need to hold on to God in trust. On another occasion Peter would jump into the lake again – after the resurrection. Always a water man! Then he would be asked not just to hold a hand, but to be the hand that would reach out to others. Peter was prepared for his mission in many ways.

▼ 50Th JUBILEE ST GREGORY’S CHURCH, BISHOPDALE:   Special Jubilee Mass 6pm Saturday 2nd September at St Gregory’s Church, followed by a light meal. For catering purposes if you are intending to stay for the meal please email your name and number attending to pap.bish.rc@xtra.co.nz or phone 352 9275 by 14th August. All ex-parishioners invited.

▼ CATHOLICS RETURNING HOME STARTING SOON:  Do you have friends and family members who have drifted away from the faith? Encourage them to come along to our easy going sessions to reconnect with the Lord and the Catholic faith. Four week course starting Tuesday 29th August 2017 at 7pm-9pm St Joseph’s Parish Centre, Papanui. catholicshomenow.co.nz or phone 0508 HOME NOW (0508 466 366).

▼SUNG RESPONSE:    “My Soul is Thirsting for You O Lord My God”

▼ COLLECTION – L. Sunday’s total was$ 189. Clergy Trust $63. Parish keeps $126.Thanks. Recent payment was made for our new parish Oki multi function printer. It cost just on $1,500-00. It replaced machines that were over 12 years old and had stopped functioning. One also because they do not make toner for an Epson anymore. If you are wanting some copying done please free to arrange with me to have it done. PGS

▼ FEAST OF ASSUMPTION – On November 1, 1950, Pius XII defined the dogma of the Assumption. Thus he solemnly proclaimed that the belief whereby the Blessed Virgin Mary, at the close of her earthly life, was taken up, body and soul, into the glory of heaven. This definitively forms part of the deposit of faith, received from the Apostles. To avoid all that is uncertain the Pope did not state either the manner or the circumstances of time and place in which the Assumption took place — only the fact of the Assumption of Mary, body and soul, into the glory of heaven, is the matter of the definition.
It is a day of obligation in New Zealand.  Mass here on Tuesday at 10 am.
No Mass on Friday as I will be absent on that day.  AWL ?

▼ PARISH COUNCIL – to meet after Mass today to determine best time to start the restoration of St Patrick’s. Summer closure not desireable?

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